Members Spotlight: Movinghub

Members Spotlight: Movinghub

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In our latest members spotlight interview, we spoke with Alex Dobbs, Chief Operating Officer at Movinghub. Movinghub empowers businesses to provide a white labelled solution for their clients moving home. They provide clients with full transparency and real time updates for every customer lead and commission tracking.

Alex discusses how their specialist technology improves the moving home experience, what seperates Movinghub from competitors and what a ‘Movologist’ is!

Q: How does Movinghub‘s specialist technology improve the moving home experience? Can you share more insights into the technology behind your solution?

A: We live in a world where technology is used to innovate businesses and their processes. At Movinghub we have driven our business to ensure we have a platform that is effortless to use. We have achieved this by building core modules, automating business processes, and creating engaging solutions, both for ourselves and our customers.

Movinghub is the fastest-growing multi-product connecting concierge platform and full-service white label partner in the UK, United States, Australia and New Zealand. The Movinghub product suite offers companies the opportunity to introduce added value to their customer experience, at no additional cost and under their own brand.

Using cloud technology, our purpose-built platform underpins the internal and external elements of our business. Our development team has always been at the helm taking us forward and evolving naturally. Combined with our determination to deliver fully integrated capabilities that create partnerships that are long-lasting. Allowing us to continue to deliver great technology and innovation for a great moving home experience.

Our platform can deliver on multiple variables for various businesses in numerous ways. Implementing our technology to be used effectively for both customers and employees is something that is paramount, and is how we continue to provide a solution that creates an enjoyable experience for our partners and their clients.
Q: What is a Movologist and how can they help users?

A: The term “Movologist” was coined in our maiden country Australia, by Gregg Crane who has been with the company since it started, what better way to understand what a Movologist is than to start with its definition:

One who specialises in the science of moving home, is a trusted expert in arranging home moving services and saving movers time. A personal moving concierge.

Is a title pertaining to the study of the moving home journey and its best practices by offering exceptional customer service.

A specialist that is part of Movinghub.

They are super friendly, super intelligent and super helpful.

They create memorable customer experiences.

Our Movologists are experts in their field, one Movologist is able to organise multiple different services for one customer having the knowledge of those different services and industries like no other. They are the centre of your customers’ moving home journey ensuring they have the services they need pre, during and post-move. Think of a Movologist as your very own personal moving concierge. Someone who calls you and talks you through everything you need to arrange when you move.

We all know moving home can be stressful. The packing, cleaning, heavy boxes, moving furniture, packing the truck, setting up utilities, council tax, water…the list of jobs are endless. This is where a Movologist can step in and take this stressful experience away.

Q: What separates Movinghub from its competitors?

A: Movinghub has evolved the home moving experience and differs from the traditional utility connection companies who would contact the agents client under their brand, not the agents brand. Which creates a disconnect for the customer and the element of trust is lost.

We white label out of the box for partners wanting to extend their brand and extend that value to the customer, not just in a new revenue stream but service base value.
Becoming more than a single transaction, seeking referrals and repeat business from those customers. Our Movologists offer more than just energy and broadband to the customer, pre and post move services, not just the basics.

We are at the forefront of innovation in development and technology in the proptech world. We’ve been able to put the power into the hands of thousands of businesses worldwide, who now use Movinghub’s technology to better service and manage their customers. Empowering our partners to use our technology to deliver a great experience for their customers and continuing to evolve our products and services.

We are a company that always takes pride in our transparency, our technology provides just that to our partners. We have the ability to integrate within most platforms, and have done so on a global scale creating multiple technical modular solutions for thousands of partners. We have built solutions that can be used by CRM’s, software companies, small agencies and through to one man bands.

Solutions that can be configurable for the customer experience, adjusted and adapted modules for commission percentages, plug in modules that can be turned on and off to fit with your business, creating and streamlining white-label material, live customer updates and importantly commission tracking. Our superior technology provides the ability to update all of these parameters, plus a few more, by using our in house built dashboard and API technology. Always providing clients with a truly great moving home experience.

Q: Lastly, where do you see the industry headed in the next 2-5 years?

A: Based on the current climate we are all experiencing with COVID-19, it would not be unreasonable to think that there is going to be a long road to recovery ahead in all industries. The proptech industry along with many smaller businesses are unable to take the financial burden that has come out of nowhere over the last few months. Regardless of the economic climate people will still need to move. Here in the UK we have a strong presence in owning our own homes when compared to our European counterparts but with Build to Rent coming to fruition it may change how Proptech influences them if it hasn’t done so already.

That doesn’t mean there can’t be some real great tech innovations during this time, proptech could really drive a positive change. We are seeing technology being rolled out in different parts of the Proptech journey, some trying to create a one true source of data and suppliers. Agents and their customers would be able to pick, choose and carry out all the tasks that are required when purchasing or renting. I am a big advocate of great technology and in no doubt believe it will change how the industry operates. No change is possible without legislation transformation and Proptech can/should influence legislation with it being the real key driver of change in local and national governmental decisions.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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