UK PropTech Awards 2023

UK PropTech Awards Categories 2023

♦ Scaling at Pace 

The winner of this award will show evidence of a growth in market share, a scaled business through entering new markets, or developing new product offerings.  


♦ PropTech Investor of the Year 

Celebrating an investor that has used funds to influence the direction of the PropTech industry, demonstrated thought leadership and gone above and beyond to help their portfolio companies flourish.  


♦ Innovation Catalyst: Fostering Business Evolution

This award is open to a property organisation that has proven to be truly innovative in future proofing their company and focused on driving change within the property industry. Either with effective initiatives to transform their business operations or by adopting a new PropTech solution, through a PropTech organisation, to upgrade or update within the last year.

♦ Rising star award

This award is to be nominated by a team or company to an individual who has made a transformational impact to the organisation in which they work. They will have demonstrated inspirational qualities and a commitment to their projects, a clear incline in personal development and above all else have a great passion for the industry. This person could make a real impact on the future of Property and driving digital change.


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Impact

Celebrating a PropTech company that has consciously worked to create a diverse team and an inclusive culture, supported by active policies and integrated practices Or has implemented campaigns to ensure fair use, equality and inclusivity of their products and solutions.

♦ Transformational Business  (PropTech)

Showcasing a PropTech company that has developed a new way to solve a common industry pain point, or has demonstrated impactful change through the evolution of their product or solution and cultivating a culture of principal thinkers within the client organisation.


♦ Transformational Business  (Property)

Showcasing a Property company that is working with a PropTech(s) to solve a business problem or pain point, and has cultivated a culture of principal thinkers within the company.


♦ Best Use of Data  (PropTech)

This award is for a PropTech company that has developed a clear data strategy within their product and have helped organisations to actively use data gathered through their systems to improve decision making & effective transformation within the business.


♦ Best Use of Data (Property)

This award is for a property company that has developed a clear data strategy from their business requirements and is actively using data to improve decision making & effective transformation within the business.


♦ Revolutionising the Consumer Journey

The winner of this award will show how their innovative solution is improving the experience of a consumer interacting with property and revolutionising processes and business models for stakeholders involved.

♦ Environmental Impact

This award celebrates a PropTech company that has a technology solution which clearly has a positive benefit on the environment. The company will evidence how their solution is enabling their clients to reduce their carbon footprint of their business or the buildings that they own, manage or operate.  


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♦ Social Impact

Celebrating a proptech company which has a technology solution that positively benefits society, and improves people’s lives. Also evidencing wellbeing & staff engagement in social impact interventions.


Net Zero Property Innovator

*Please note this award is only open to Property companies

This award recognises the best use of technology to reduce the carbon output of a building/s and improve the sustainability of a building, scheme, city or planning project. The winner will need to demonstrate how the technology is implemented and provide data to evidence the impact.


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♦ Special Achievement Award

The Special Achievement award is to be nominated to a professional that has made a significant impact on the industry through their work and helped move the industry forward in a positive way. This person can sit across any sector of the property or PropTech industry or, could even be someone outside of the property world, helping to make a difference through teachings, research or activation work.


♦ Inspirational Leader of the year

This award recognises an exceptional professional who embodies the qualities of entrepreneurship, dynamic leadership, and a consistent history of guiding teams, companies, or projects towards remarkable achievements. This individual not only achieves outstanding results but also serves as a source of inspiration, motivating and enabling their peers to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. If you know or work with an inspirational leader that meets this criteria, please nominate them.

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