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Movinghub, your multi-product connecting white label concierge service…

In a market more competitive than ever, to continue to adapt and to innovate is the key to success. We empower thousands of businesses worldwide, who have revolutionised the difficult moving home process, by providing a unique, customised client experience.

Through leveraging our technology, businesses across multiple industries have taken the opportunity to substantiate their fees, add value to their customer proposition, and climb above their competition by developing a brand that is known for its outstanding customer experience.

Movinghub is the fastest growing utility connection platform and full service white label partner in the UK, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Independently Owned, Movinghub empowers businesses to provide a white labelled solution for their clients moving home. We provide you with full transparency and real time updates for every customer lead and commission tracking.

You can utilise the dashboard to configure your white labelled solution, updating your personalised branding for all customer correspondence, tailoring the services you wish to offer your clients, how you would like your clients to utilise the service, over the phone or online, and creating your own widget or microsite in a matter of seconds.

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