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Cross-border payments made easy.

We believe digital currencies are the money of tomorrow. Utrust helps merchants easily accept digital currencies for goods, and helps buyers pay with them. One merchant at a time, we’re revolutionizing how payments happen.

For merchants, reaching a growing base of customers using digital currencies is easy: online or off. Crypto cuts out the middleman and lets merchants keep more of their profit margin.

Getting an edge on competition is easy with our ready-to-be integrated API & plugins for major e-commerce platforms – and with the ability for our dev team to tailor it to your business. With Utrust, you can enter into a $220 billion market and make more of your business. Get all the advantages of payments with digital currencies while keeping business as usual.

We’re adding more merchants everyday. Don’t wait to bring the power of digital currency to your business. Join Utrust!


Offer a frictionless payment option for foreign clients

Geographies such as China, Turkey, South Africa or Argentina have foreign exchange control systems that create friction and heavy costs for any kind of payment or transaction. There are many opportunities for Real Estate here. Think of kids studying abroad. People that want to diversify investments in European markets. Digital nomads looking for their next homes.

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