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Openpath was created by a team of serial entrepreneurs who were tired of forgetting their office keys at home, frustrated with having to carry multiple badges to get into their buildings, and seriously worried about the security of their workspace given the state of the world today.

We’ve worked extremely hard to build a company that can offer a new, seamless style of security that takes advantage of the latest technologies and makes people feel safe at work. Access Control is the flagship product in our mission to improve the quality and safety of the modern workspace through automation.

Commercial property access management as an amenity

Gives your tenants the security and convenience they’re looking for. Whether you’re retrofitting an existing commercial real estate building or developing a new one, Openpath has the solution to fit your access control system needs.

How Openpath access control works for your building

Easily scales to any size organization

Openpath was designed with developers, property owners, property managers, and asset managers in mind. Openpath works across all forms of entry, including parking gates, elevators, and garages. From one building to multiple buildings, property managers creating a new system can put the latest and greatest technology in place so they can spend less and get more. Tenants can rest assured that they will receive real-time updates as they occur. Plus, Openpath integrates with all systems to incorporate these buildings and your portfolio.

Upgrade your current property

Openpath makes retrofits easy—we leverage the existing wiring to reduce your upgrade costs. Plus, we can sit alongside your legacy system and upgrade everyone to mobile credentials while still supporting existing keycards so there is no interruption in experience for current tenants.

Integrates with building systems and current workflow

Openpath integrates with Parking, Turnstile, Elevator, Visitor Management and legacy access control systems to improve the user experience with frictionless mobile access. No need to change anything—just add Openpath to make what you have even better.

Perfect for a new build or retrofit

Use our fobs, your fobs, mobile device, tablet, and go hands-free—they all work! With the ability to seamlessly integrate with any commercial access control system already in place or stand alone as a complete solution, Openpath can completely modernize your building with mobile credentials, hands-free entry, and cloud-based software.

Reduce operating costs

No more keycards to purchase, print, issue, replace or revoke. No more wasted time administering those cards. No need to manually import new users thanks to directory integrations. No server and IT network management and no need to upgrade software every six months with patches for every server on the campus. Spend your time delivering a great tenant experience instead of sitting behind a computer screen dealing with access control issues.

Operate more efficiently

With remote unlock capabilities and real-time reports available on your phone or computer, property managers can better help leasing agents show available office space, triage tenant issues, support and staff events and provide reporting to asset management.

Control front and back offices

Security doesn’t end at the front door. Easily secure supply rooms and management offices from any location.

Multi-layered security and data compliant

Built into every level of the Openpath system is encryption that shields against cloning, sniffing, and key copying. Openpath is also fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Delight your tenants

Openpath is the ultimate tenant amenity: an easy, low-cost upgrade that benefits every user in the building. Invest in better security that’s future-proof, and a better user experience.

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