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Mealhub—the best food amenity for workspaces. Mealhub is changing how workplaces do food. We provide office spaces with Hubs—smart insulated units with 88 lockers. People order hot meals to their Hub via our app before collecting contact-free, enabling users to get their hands on lunches from local independent restaurants for £5-8, including delivery. See it in action here: Amenities are now an increasingly necessary form of differentiation as tenant experience becomes paramount to attracting and retaining clients, and enabling people to navigate their workdays in a safe and contact-free manner has become a more pressing concern. Mealhub provides workspaces with a rapid, easily installed solution to improve tenant experience whilst making workplaces safer for those who work inside them. With our service, users can access a daily-changing menu of 9-12 delicious items from local restaurants in the area. Users order their choices through our app, which are then brought to one of our Hubs—smart, insulated lockers that are placed in the reception areas and lobbies of buildings. Meals are kept safe and at temperature for people to collect up to 60 minutes after delivery, contact-free, through a touch of their smartphone. This enables users to avoid travelling and queuing for food as they return to the office, whilst still supporting local food retailers both on and off-site. Reception to the service has been exceptional: since starting operations in March 2020, we have sites operational across partnerships with companies such as WeWork and HereEast. 50% of users order at least three times per week through the app, and 45% of users say that they would be "very disappointed" to lose access to their Mealhub. Mealhubs also provide a means of handling external food deliveries from sites such as Deliveroo or UberEats, providing safe and hygienic storage spaces for meals to be kept in, improving site security and reducing hassle for reception staff that would otherwise have to ensure that deliveries are received correctly. Overall, Mealhub provides a valuable and novel amenity to tenants whilst helping landowners provide safe, secure workspaces for their occupants.
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