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LetFaster (A Division of IDcheck Limited)


IDcheck: Detect Identity Fraud

IDcheck ( specialises in cloud-based, automated Biometric Identity Screening, Fraud Detection & KYC-AML.  Through our proprietary Facial Recognition, Liveness and Motion Detection algorithms we authenticate global identity documents, with advanced AI and OCR techniques, suitable for Real Estate sales and Mortgage Lending: The inability to identify clients remotely was a key reason for covid-related mortgage backlogs: should we return to lockdown Q4, reduce the impact through automation.

LetFaster: Automated Tenant & Guarantor Screening

LetFaster, a division of IDcheck, is the only provider to combine Biometric Screening with Automated Tenant Screening and therefore automate right-to-rent checks. Without specialist training, few would be able to detect fakes. If a "fake John Smith" passes an ID check, by impersonating the real person, all standard background checks would be performed on the "real John Smith". Our solution facilitates home-working and provides a far more efficient and convenient user experience.

In-Depth Screening

LetFaster automates Affordability Decisions, as well as Proof of Income, Savings, Annual Accounts and Proof of Address for tenants and guarantors and to automate Employment, Landlord and Guarantor referencing. Reduce screening from 2-7days to same day or close to real-time.

In-House System to Strengthen Internal Controls

While other screening firms force you to outsource,  we provide you with your own automated software system, bringing back full control of data, with no training required. Our portal strengthens internal controls, includes permissions, strict access management, a full audit trail and multiple measures to detect internal and external fraud.

Business Intelligence

We also provide a real-time Business Intelligence module: at a glance view revenues, days to rent, renewals and rentals by office, region, client or team. Set-up is fast and simple, while clients, properties and offices can be imported, to facilitate roll out across offices.
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