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Facilitating UK’s housebuilders’ property development journey by addressing their pain points head on with technology and automation, Brickway is a proptech set to make it all easier while tackling the housing crisis. 

Addressing one paint point at a time:

1. Site Sourcing
With the lack of accessible information on available land acting as the biggest barrier to the development of much-needed new homes in the UK, Brickway aims to identify, source and analyse potential sites with property development opportunities.

2. Assessing Project Viability
Crunching the numbers to figure out profitability margins of property developments includes a host of variables, and Brickway will allow users to gain quick insights on the viability of property projects, through data point checks based on financial models integrating underwriting expertise.

3. Financing
With property developers struggling to access mainstream funding, Brickway acts as an agent to facilitate the finance of bridging and development projects. FutureBricks, a subsidiary of the company, has already been successfully providing alternative financing for bridging and development projects since 2018.

4. Expertise Matchmaking
To eliminate the lengthy process of finding trusted service-providers, Brickway’s experience-geared database of professionals provides a deal-making system to access to a pool of rated experts for different property project types, at different stages of development.

Operating as a subscription-based SaaS model, Brickway–the sister company of FutureBricks: a successful, well-established property development finance fintech platform-is the first of its kind in the whole of the UK and Europe. Leading the industry as a pioneer, Brickway plans to widen its reach in due time by further venturing into international markets.

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