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REsustain is a BMS agnostic SaaS integration platform that optimises buildings, through automated BMS controls, delivering rapid ROI of 20-65% energy/cost/CO2 per annum. A highly calibrated Digital Twin is built as part of the process enabling a true benchmark of your building against historic and future patterns. In turn this leads to accurate carbon reporting and the ability to assist with communication and decision making when capex modelling portfolio wide to increase asset sustainability, at the best possible value to a particular target date, and extend the stranding date of the asset. The platform enables radical utility bill and CO2 reduction, on-going seasonal building optimisation, and the ability to plan against the needs of a large portfolio to meet set capex and sustainability targets. The platform is specifically relevant to Asset Managers, Property Managers and Facilities Managers, as well as Engineering Consultants tasked with capex modelling future project work.

Rupert Lane