Members Spotlight: Popcornapps

Members Spotlight: Popcornapps

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In our latest members spotlight interview, we spoke with Anish Matthai, UK Head of Business at PopcornApps, a digital evolution specialist focused on Cloud based technology.

Anish discusses their CRM and Cloud technology, shares insight into the problem their RESpace app is solving and how they expect their technology to evolve at PopcornApps.

Q: Could you share insights into how PopcornApps delivers rapid business growth through your services and technology?

A: A lot of businesses are straddled with a mix of technology and systems that are simply incapable of responding to the demands of a rapidly changing business environment. In the real estate sector, we see clients using variety of systems that don’t integrate well with each other. We also see a lot of ‘tech for tech’s sake’ investments and these only add to the confusion and complexity.

Technology doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; technology should simplify business and create new possibilities. To achieve this, we focus on building core business capabilities, automating business processes and creating engaging customer channels.

We use best-in-class CRM and Cloud technology to deliver these fully integrated business capabilities that allow seamless collaboration and a single view of customer, property and revenue. Good businesses know how to grow, it’s a matter of giving them the right platform to grow on.
Q: Can you tell us more about RESpace and what problem the app is trying to solve?

A: RESpace is a suite of products for ‘managed real estate’. At its heart sits a property management app built on and for the Salesforce platform. RESpace when installed on Salesforce provides the key real estate specific capabilities that a commercial or residential business operator needs to sell and service their assets and tenants. RESpace is a native Salesforce app, so it integrates seamlessly with thousands of other apps on the Salesforce AppExchange and gives businesses one core platform to run their end to end business on.
Q: How do you expect technology to evolve at PopcornApps?

A: Our primary focus is always to give businesses state-of-the-art Digital capabilities underpinned by best in class customer, content and enterprise management platforms. What is evolving extremely fast is how machine learning, the Internet of Things and cognitive AI can enhance and enrich these Digital capabilities.

In the real estate sector, we see the proliferation of smart building technology including energy management, HVAC, network provisioning and WIFI access, and electronic door access. Combined with machine learning and cognitive AI channels these provide the ingredients for businesses to delivery incredibly intuitive and highly personalised experiences for their customers and tenants. We’re bringing all of this to RESpace and to our clients so that they can onboard customers at the click of button and deliver exceptional experiences and customer service.
Q: Lastly, where do you see the industry headed in 2-5 years?

A: It’s hard to ignore the current COVID-19 situation and its impact on the short to medium term future of real estate. The industry could flat line for a while before seeing a rapid recovery. For individual businesses liquidity is critical of course, but without operational efficiencies the recovery will be much harder.

We expect the adoption of technology both in systems and devices to accelerate and proliferate across sectors and businesses. However, there is little point in wanting an app or the latest technology for a building if you don’t have the core platforms to drive customer engagement and glean data driven insights. For businesses that don’t already have these core capabilities, the first step is get those in place.

The very purpose of how real estate is used is changing at an unprecedented rate. Owners and operators can no longer see themselves as just providers of space, but as curators of an experience that can be delivered in that space. This is key to maximising yield, increasing retention, and staying relevant.

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