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As partners of Connect UK 2020, the global real estate equivalent of the TED Talk, we are excited to bring you speeches from key influencers helping to explain innovation in the property world from the UK.

The event took place across 15 Cities over 5 Continents in 5 Days. The aim of these talks across the globe is to educate the global audience with professionally and locally produced content that is completely free to watch.

Check them out below!

Around the World in 410 Coworking Spaces
A world tour of coworking spaces.
By Pauline Roussel, Co-Founder and CEO at Coworkies

Beyond Digital Silos
Can our industry help solve both climate change and the growing housing crisis?
By Chris Mortensen, Co-Founder of Modulous

Delivering Triple Bottom Line: One Byte at a Time
The built environment is responsible for 30% of the world’s carbon emissions, yet reducing the CO2 of large buildings has typically been very difficult and expensive, until now.
By Paul Walsh,  General Manager at CIM

How is the digital impacting the physical and why is it good to have both?
By Lauren Poon, Architect and Digital Strategist

What PropTech Can Learn From FinTech
FinTech has led the way in digital transformation, it raised the most funding and created the newest solutions.
By Dharmesh Mistry, FinTech Entrepreneur and PropTech Investor

Implementing PropTech in Real Estate: Lessons Learned
Discover how Great Portland Estates collaborated with their supply chain.
By James Pellatt, Director of Workplace and Innovation at Great Portland Estates

From Understanding Your User to the PropTech Pigeonhole Problem
How PropTechs can understand what the real estate industry really wants.
By Zoe Wright, Head of Product at LandTech

Conveyancing is the big problem to fix in PropTech, so why is no one doing it?
Despite all the advances that PropTech has facilitated, no real progress has been made in the world of conveyancing.
By Sally Holdway, Co-Founder of Teal Legal

Implementing PropTech in Real Estate: Lessons Learned
Discover how Great Portland Estates collaborated with their supply chain to implement the rollout of a market-leading workplace app across their entire portfolio.
By Ed Bartlett, Head of Innovation Advisory at M7 Structura

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