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iLOQ are a pioneer in developing sustainable access management with battery-free, energy-harvesting technology. With iLOQ’s digital locking system, the energy for unlocking comes from the motion of inserting the key into the lock, or from the smartphone signal itself in the case of a digital key. With no batteries to be replaced, locks and keys are always operational and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.Using iLOQ’s cloud-based SaaS platform, all the access rights a tenant needs are programmed onto one key. If a new tenant moves in, changes apartments or needs to access different areas, the same key can be quickly and easily reprogrammed. And, if a key gets lost or stolen, it is blocked rendering it useless if someone finds it and tries to gain unauthorized access. A new key can be programmed in only a few seconds ensuring the level of security remains high year after year. Tenants can update the access rights to their key when it is convenient for them (even in the middle of the night) using the ‘key programming hotspot’ installed on the premises.iLOQ’s smart and sustainable technology ensures efficient access management, minimized lifecycle costs and a healthy boost to the value of your property.