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The rental landscape is changing fast and for everyone involved- tenants, landlords and agents alike- it can seem like a complex, all-consuming beast of an industry. The ever-increasing legislation, whilst well-intentioned, has left many confused, overwhelmed and often unclear of their rights and responsibilities. Layer on top of that the new digital universe, or constantly evolving proptech landscape, and the opportunities are almost as confusing & intimidating as they are exciting.

We believe that the solution to these problems lies in the development of easy-to-use tech, available on any device and built to serve the needs of Agents, Landlords AND Tenants simultaneously. By tackling the problems faced by all concerned only then can we build a sector that works for everyone.

We’ve decided to start this mission at probably the most contentious and complex part of any tenancy- the end. The preparation needed, the scheduling of cleaning & check-out inspections, the proposal and negotiation of deductions and the allocation of funds- all in keeping with the government framework and legislation of deposits & tenancies.

We’ve taken nearly 2 years to design and develop a product, together with TDS, that we feel does this- but this is just where we start. Our platform will continue to evolve & improve shaped by the lessons we will learn from the user-insight and feedback we will get from the agents, tenants and landlords across the UK and further afield. There are many more problems to tackle, and we intend to, taking the same, careful, 360-degree view throughout.

We’re really excited to work with AND for agents, tenants and landlords across the UK and help its reputation evolve as one of the finest rental sectors on the planet. We hope you’ll join us on our mission.

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