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Founded in 2008, Helix International Group is the parent company to multiple subsidiaries including Ark Workplace Risk, the international professional services and operational management consultancy; QUOODA®, the data and software platform; and Sustainware, the software platform and predictive analytics development house that developed QUOODA®.

In the Property, Retail and Services sectors Helix and its subsidiaries aim to lead by being innovative, market led, scalable, implementable and customer-centric. Helix delivers market-leading business value to clients around the world through product innovation, high client intimacy, tailored support services and outsourcing solutions covering enterprise-wide Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety.

Helix has extensive relationships with the world’s leading companies and work with major and global organisations. Ultimately, Helix enables their clients to become high-performance organisations realising all potential, by leveraging best practice, learning outcomes, knowledge sharing and a wealth of case studies drawn from their clients.

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