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Downsizer has a mission to help an ‘entire generation stop worrying and start living’. It’s a digital home-buying experience unlike any other that allows anyone with sufficient equity in their existing home to purchase new dwellings ‘off the plan’ with zero cash deposit.

During this process, an innovative and affordable risk management product protects developers from any shortfall events if sales fall through. The Downsizer MVP launched in the Australian property market recently and is already gaining traction.

Their digital development team has decades of global, enterprise-level experience and as such have built this product infrastructure for scale from its very first line of code. Downsizer runs on R3 Corda blockchain technology, which allows us to transfer to other similar markets with ease and speed – with the UK next on the roadmap.’

We’re keen to meet residential property developers in the UK with high end stock that target asset rich cash poor downsizers. Anyone can book a demo on our site.

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