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As our client you receive instant web access to information about all commercial properties in the UK, Sweden and Finland and an efficient tool for analyzing the information. Datscha has more than 900 client companies in seven countries, most of which operate within the financial or property market. Datscha currently has 60 employees and a turnover in excess of 60 million SEK. We have offices in 3 countries: Sweden, Finland and UK. Datscha was originally founded in Sweden, where the Datscha HQ is located in Stockholm. We also have regional offices in Malmö, Göteborg and a development hub in Luleå. Datscha was launched in the UK 3 years ago where we have offices in London and Manchester. Additionally, we have an office in Helsinki where we are the market leading solution.

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Mark Bruno


Henry Wood House, 2 Riding House St, London W1W 7FA, UK

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