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Housebuilders and Commercial Contractors struggling with your Customer Care approach, here’s the solution. clixifix® defect and repair resolution software will deliver lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

After many years working in the house building and construction industries, nothing frustrated us more than the customer care systems we used.

We tried process after process, from paper files to emails and complex spreadsheets – all of them time-consuming, all of them ineffective and painful.

In 2012, we decided to flip these negative experiences into a positive and began to develop clixifix®.

When we looked at the enterprise software already out there we discovered it was difficult to implement, expensive and lacked transparency. In a nutshell, small to medium sized businesses couldn’t afford it and the bigger companies who could, didn’t like that the software simply wasn’t easy to use or display.

This was all the motivation we needed to press on with our own solution. clixifix® quickly took shape as a software application designed to help alleviate all the customer care problems we’d encountered over the years.

Our one simple goal: If there’s a problem, let’s make it clear and easy to solve.

We wanted to save people time and money as well as help them improve levels of customer satisfaction. One platform for all customer care issues to be logged and accessed by everyone who needed to be involved. One that promoted collaboration to quickly and effectively find the best solution to any problem.

As things stand today, clixifix® is being used up and down the UK by hundreds of businesses who are finally and thankfully saving the time, money and effort that they just don’t have to waste.

Contact us today to arrange a demonstration or free trial to simplify your customer care and satisfy your clients.

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