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The perfect KYC platform to complete your property background checks. Get a full comprehensive report for your Landlord, Tenant, Buyer, and Seller, in only 15 minutes, which includes AML, Land Registry, and more! 

The Problem

Before Checkboard, it was not possible to find a fully comprehensive platform that offered Landlord, Tenant, Buyer and Seller AML checks.  

This meant, that in order to find your best prospect whilst being safe and secure, you would have to allocate loads of resources to it, due to costly and time-consuming platforms. Unfortunately, this was a process that could not be avoided or else you could end up with someone that was not able to afford the rent or not being legally compliant with current Government legislation.  

The Price to Pay 

If you work in the property industry, you must understand the frustration of renting to tenants that can’t afford the rent. As you may know, if they are in arrears, you would have to either be patient and lose money while you wait or start an eviction.  

You also want to tone down on the unnecessary work as much as you can. Our question is. How can one achieve that whilst getting accurate reports? 

The next big issue we encountered, is that a vast amount of these documents can be easily forged, especially if you take into consideration the advanced technology available.  

The Solution 

Our story began there. It began with us putting up with the headache of dealing with late payments, fraudulent behaviours, long verifications processes, costly platforms, and inefficient results. Therefore, we decided to use our extensive knowledge accumulated from working in the Banking and Property industry to solve these problems.  

In simple terms, Checkboard is your “one-stop-shop” You don’t need to move from one platform to another to get your most valuable checks.  

The Convenience 

You don’t have to wait two hours to get a report, you get one in 15 minutes! Checkboard has gotten rid of all the manual work involved in the verification processes. As it fully integrates with any CRM system, Landlord Software or Property Management Software.  

Imagine all the possibilities Checkboard will create by freeing so much of your time and energy!  

Checkboard, building trust one check at a time. 


If you require any further information or want to discuss further opportunities about Checkboard, find our details below! 


Phone number: 07930 599167 

Address: 114 Lock Studios, 7 Corsican Square, London, E3 3YD 

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James Owusu


114 Lock Studios, 7 Corsican Square, London, E3 3YD

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