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AltoVita powers the corporate housing sector with award-winning enterprise software layered with a human-centric approach. AltoVita’s technology provides a cloud-based bridge between the highly fragmented property distribution system and multinational Global 2000 companies, reducing the legacy 48-to-72-hour bidding process down to a few minutes. The fully customizable product provides instant access to live options while remaining compliant to corporate policies. A network of 1 million+ verified and vetted properties are all duty of care compliant, backed by a three-tier quality control process. AltoVita’s growing global footprint spans 165 countries and 956 cities.

The co-founders, Vivi Cahyadi Himmel and Karolina Saviova, have lived in over 20 cities and relocated numerous times. Vivi and Karolina share the same DNA, vision, and tenacity when it comes to AltoVita. They created AltoVita as they saw complacency and lack of incentives for innovation in legacy sector corporate housing.

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