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Founded in 2014, Deepki has developed a SaaS solution that uses data intelligence to guide real estate players in their net zero transition. The solution leverages customer data to improve assets’ ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance and maximize asset value. The company recently received the ISAE 3000 type 1 attestation, guaranteeing the credibility and accuracy of its data collection process, making it fully auditable and providing the same high quality standards as financial reporting. Deepki operates in 52 countries, with over 400 team members across offices in Paris, London, Berlin, Milan and Madrid. The company serves clients including Generali Real Estate, SwissLife Asset Managers and the French government, helping to make their real estate assets more sustainable at scale. In March 2022 Deepki raised €150 million in a Series C funding round. Since then, Deepki has carried out strategic acquisitions including that of its principal UK-based competitor, Fabriq, and complementary SaaS solution, Nooco. In March 2024, Deepki won the Compliancy Award for the best solution that complies with regulations, at the Global ESG Awards.

Stephanie Glover