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Doordeck enables mobile access by reversing traditional access control system architecture by providing a low-cost passive and wireless NFC door credential placed next to an existing reader and door. Enabling you to keep your perfectly functioning readers in place regardless of the brand or reader's age. This means no ripping out of old readers, no electronic waste, and no pulling new cable. The NFC technology that is built in the user’s iPhone, Apple Watch or Android mobile device becomes the secure authentication device and power source to enable door access. Additionally, Doordeck integrates and has the ability to unify trusted legacy brand systems to enable mobile access control under a one centralised management system. Use Doordeck's SDK to embed Doordeck functionality within your own tenant or building app or use our own application and your existing access control system to implement mobile access control without the installation and additional hardware costs that accompany other mobile access solutions.

Guy Adderley