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Proptivity build highperforming indoor 4G & 5G systems tailor made for real estate owners. Both 4G but especially 5G radio signals have a very hard time penetrating building walls. Proptivity solves this by delivering high performance 4G & 5G tailor made for the real estate owner on every square meter of their premises. Proptivitys networks are neutral which means that all public operators can connect which to the same infrastructure which makes it substantial more resource and ESG-efficient. The real estate owner will also be in control of the buildings digital capabilities and can use the predictability, performance and capacity of the network as a stepping stone for its digitalization journey. The 4G & 5G networks are seamlessly connected to the operators macro networks and are end-to-end telco grade which means that the networks offers unrivalled security vs. other options.

Viktor Augustsson