UKPA Roundtable

Tech for Good Roundtable: Efficiency & Productivity in the Built Environment

23rd January 2019

9:30am - 12pm


Hosted at Coyote’s offices in Monument, the second of our popular ‘Tech for Good’ roundtables will explore how PropTech can improve the efficiency of the buildings in which we work, live and play, and the impact this can have on the environment, people and costs.

According to the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), the built environment contributes around 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint.

– Almost half of this is from energy used in buildings (eg plug loads and cooking) that has nothing to do with their functional operation.

– Whilst Newly constructed buildings are more energy efficient, 80% of buildings in 2050 will have already been built, therefore a major priority needs to be decarbonising existing stock.

So why is this a challenge?

– Government policies aimed at improving the efficiency of existing buildings have scaled back dramatically, and insulation installation rates have stalled.

– Energy costs only account for 1-3% of a company’s total outgoings, therefore making buildings more energy efficient isn’t always a priority for business owners who are focusing on making a profit.

Is PropTech the key to driving this agenda?

Not only does the efficiency of a building impact the environment, research has shown that improvements in office design, particularly within the area of energy efficiency and sustainability have coincidentally produced buildings that are beneficial to workers’ wellbeing, and in turn improved productivity.

PropTech solutions embedded with smart, wireless sensors are radically changing the smart building industry, and providing a number of benefits including better building management, improved well-being, better space utilisation, in addition to improving energy efficiency. 

Join us for this roundtable where we will explore how PropTech can improve the efficiency and productivity of buildings and the people within them, and the impact on society, the economy and environment!


10 Monument St, EC3R 8BG, London




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