UKPA Roundtable

Tech For Good: Housing Crisis

4th September 2018

9:30am - 12pm


The UK faces several tough economic, environmental and social challenges, which we believe technology can help to tackle. During our new series of “Tech for Good” Roundtables we will be discussing three main challenges, exploring how PropTech can help and identify the support that’s needed to drive new solutions.

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, Millennials entering the workforce have embraced a more social mindset, and seek work that not only challenges them but also matters. 73.6% of the participants of the survey believed that companies should do more for society and the environment. We therefore encourage you to put your creative and innovative mindsets to work and have your input on these crucial issues which affect us all. Or, for those of you who are already building solutinons to help tackle these issues, it’s an excellent opportunity to share your work and discuss any challenges you may be facing.

In addition, as PropTech investment continues to increase, utilising technology for good can ensure development, long term sustainability whilst acting as a driver of economic advancement.

The first of our “Tech for Good” roundtables on the 4th September will explore how PropTech can help with the housing crisis, specifically looking at the housing shortage, affordability of housing, and utilisation of existing housing stock.


130 Fenchurch Street




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