UKPA Roundtable

Roundtable: Productivity in Smart Buildings

20th April 2021

9am - 10:30am


The British Council for Offices suggests that an effective strategy for delivering a productive workplace is likely to be the single most important contribution that property professionals can make to the success of their organisations, noting how a business could legitimately increase its property costs by 10% if this delivered a 1% improvement in employee productivity.

With the emergence of digital technology driving the creation of more efficient, sustainable and productive workplaces, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics and platform-driven software have the potential to reinvent the way the real estate sector operates and improve productivity.

Join us for our first event in our ‘Productivity in Real Estate‘ series as we discuss measuring and learning in the workplace and the technology within buildings which will make it work more efficiently and help those within the building increase productivity..

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