UKPA Webinar

Preparing your property business for a digital future

8th February 2022

10:00am - 11:30am


Advancements in PropTech are creating opportunities and changing the way the property industry operates. The adoption of PropTech solutions is crucial now more the ever to resolve the variety of challenges faced in the property industry whether its adapting to new market trends and demands driven by the pandemic, managing risk and adhering to compliance or meeting objectives around ESG.  

In particular, the pandemic has resulted in less people going into the office and more people moving out of London. What does that mean for your business? PropTech can assess how well your asset is performing and help make informed decisions on how to move forward. With more focus on ESG,  PropTech can be particularly effective in tackling this risk. Simply understanding your usage and where it’s produced will be a great advantage to minimising the environmental impact of your buildings.  

Whilst the benefits to PropTech are undeniable, there are many challenges to overcome and preparation that needs to be done in order to implement solutions. These challenges come under people, processes and systems. In order to adopt technology you need to manage change amongst employees, review and navigate existing systems and understand what processes need to be changed, improved or simply taken out. 

Join us alongside our panel of property and PropTech experts as they discuss trends the industry is feeding into their strategywhat changes they have made to implement new technologies and realise the benefits, what lessons they have learned and how they stay ahead of the curve. 

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