UKPA Webinar

Debate: Is PropTech Disrupting or Helping Estate Agents?

9th February 2023

10 AM- 11 AM


In recent years, PropTech solutions have come into the market which aim to provide more transparency to the end user, accountability to those involved in the chain, and greater access to data to speed up the process.

PropTech solutions have been developed to support Estate Agents with conversion rates of market appraisals, market or client intelligence, property reports, automation, marketing, customer service and much more. In fact, some agents use up to 20 or so different PropTech solutions for their business operations.  But, despite some seeing immense value in technology, and ROI, others are still slow to adopt… 

Is PropTechs seen as more of a disruption to agents in the space? Would PropTechs be better off focusing on creating a new way of buying/selling/marketing property?  

Hear from our experienced and esteemed panel, who will be debating these questions and ultimately decide if PropTech is disrupting or helping Estate Agents…  

Panelists include; 

Gary Barker – CEO of BetterHome Group, and EX CEO of Reapit, CTO at Connells and IT Director at Countrywide 

Andrew Stanton – Executive Editor at Estate Agent Networking, and now CEO and Founder of PropTech-X and PropTech PR 

Sally Holdway – Director & Co-Founder of Teal Legal –  looking at the conveyancing space with their Home Owner’s Passport, which helps deliver on the industry push for ‘faster, less stressful’ conveyancing with its Upfront Information Onboarding web app.  

Vik Tara – MD & CTO of Technology Blueprint and PropCo Enterprise, working with client executive teams within large UK residential property organisations, helping to demystify PropTech and paint a picture of what a digital transformation programme would entail, and deliver for the organisation. 

Moderated by Philip Farell – Co-Founder & CCO at Offr – a revolutionary new smart technology, changing the way property is bought and sold across the world by injecting speed and transparency into the property transaction. Philip was previously CEO of Real Estate Alliance and has years of experience working as an estate agent.  


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