PropTech Debate: ‘Will acquisitions kill innovation’

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We partnered with Debate Mate to put together a virtual debate discussing ‘Will acquisitions kill innovation’.As the number of PropTechs grow, we are seeing more and more consolidation in the market through merger and acquisitions, but what does this do to innovation? Does it enable PropTechs to thrive and reach their full potential or does it kill innovation?

Hear from PropTech experts, Thomas Herr, CEO of EVANA AG, Wannes Vanspranghe, Founder & Co-CEO of Prompto, Nina Elliot, Founder & CEO of Waxwing Ventures and Debate Mate world champions as they debate this important question!

Debate Mate Limited (DML) designs and delivers world-class communication training for the business and professional world. Based on the fundamentals of competitive debating, our unique methodology focuses on every aspect of communication. It is rooted in the belief that you need to listen to understand, rather than simply to respond. You need to empathise with the views of others to strengthen your own. You need to use stylistic techniques to enhance substantial arguments, not replace them. You need people to want to listen to you. You need all of these things to sell your company, your people and your products. For more information, please contact

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