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Universal TrustMe Engine Limited ('TrustMe™') was established in 2016 to provide blockchain and AI enabling process to existing work flow process... in this case property. As a result of this work TrustMe™, alongside partners, regulators, tier 1 banks and central banks is now in the process of launching a number of regulated property exchanges around the globe under it's TPX™ Property Exchanges ('TPX™ Global') brand. This is part of a post Brexit 'London Model' for advanced asset exchanges based on the transparency, governance, law and regulation for which London is well known. TPX™ Global provides regulated property exchanges that deliver fractionalised title of properties to global banks, central banks, institutional and retail investors. The objective of the company is to make property a trusted, liquid, tradable asset class for all. The first of 20x initial TPX™ property exchanges are due to launch in 2020. London is one of these launch cities.
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