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Smart Benches enhancing the end-user experience with added value services & data to track the health of the urban environment.

  We’re using innovation to help real estates digitally transform, be sustainable and keep up with technology revolution by meeting the needs and expectations of today’s tech-savvy, increasingly mobile generation in an eco-friendly way.   For the last eight years, we have delivered smart city solutions in 37 cities in 18 countries across Europe and North America.   Looking at space as a service, our solar-powered benches provide WiFi, charging for mobile devices, air quality data and opportunity for better engagement with people in public places.   Placemaking, user experience, social interaction and sustainability are core values we build our technology on.

The Smart Bench in a Retail Environment:

  • Provides outstanding shopping experience, as being without the smartphone is like being without a wallet.
  • Increases the dwell time of customers and makes them want to come back.
  • Builds reputation and creates buzz.
  • Connects tenants and visitors in a more meaningful way.

The Smart Bench in a Public Realm Scheme:

  • Brings unique character, vitality and animation to public spaces.
  • Shows the innovativeness and all the estate has to offer, such as the latest technologies.
  • Creates the opportunity for people to meet, where the relationship between people and their communities is reinforced.
  • Attracts people to spend more time outside.

The Smart Bench in an Office Environment:

  • Becomes a social and convenient place for employees to take a break, relocate the office outside or meet a new colleague.
  • Injects a breath of humanity into business areas, where social interaction is encouraged and the relationship with employees and tenants is reinforced.
  • Creates a place where there is a sense of belonging.
  • Provides the unique added value for tenants, invoking a sense of value and luxury.
  • Shows how much healthy working environment is.

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