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Property Searches Direct was born in 2019 out of a genuine desire to do something unique and truly ground breaking in the Legal sector. It unashamedly aims to be a disruptor in the industry to ultimately improve transactional speeds that have dogged the UK property market for decades.

Coining the phrase 'Collaborative Conveyancing' It has launched an online shop providing Property Searches to all home movers and has gone on to make Search Alert data public for the very first time via its 'Hazard Checker' product.

Property Searches are (of course) essential to check that a property is what it purports to be. Is it built on contaminated land, close to a historic mining or mineral extraction site or prone to flooding etc? Conveyancing is often considered by many as a 'dark art'  with Searches often commissioned weeks, sometimes months, into a transaction being arranged.

Gaining rudimentary Search information about contaminated land, flood and mining data - before a property is even viewed is liberating and often saves both time and huge sums of money. Why pay for mortgage arrangement fees, surveys and instruct a conveyancer without knowing the house is free from underlying defects?

'It's a bit like cooking a roast chicken dinner to discover that your guests are all vegetarian'

With Local authorities under pressure from COVID and a growing property boom fuelled by a rush to take advantage of the Stamp Duty holiday the firm recommend buyers order their Searches themselves as soon as possible in the house buying cycle.

The Company have quickly gained notoriety with both the Legal & Estate Agency press and are looking at several integration possibilities with some major industry stakeholders.

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