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A Property Log Book (PLB) is a digital record of a residential property, providing a history of activity against the property.  It enables the owner/occupant to keep a log of all repair, maintenance and improvement work carried out, history of all transactions and is used to support the buying and selling of a new home.  Once created the PLB stays with the property and is handed over to each subsequent owner. So far we've created over 152,000 PLBs for new home developers, private home owners and social housing providers, as well as for Scottish Water on water & energy efficiency smart metering projects. "It was suggested that not all information need be standardised, but if each property carried with it an industry-defined set of required up to date information, this would be a good start. This information could be traded along with the title of a property and form a necessary foundation upon which technology can be iteratively laid. This leads to ideas about ‘property passports’ or data ‘log books’, where all the information relating to an individual property is stored its own unique digital data file." (The Future of Real Estate Transactions" - A Saull & A Baum, University of Oxford 2019).
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