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Established in 2004, PayProp is the market leader in payments and automation for the lettings industry. Our motto “Trusted Payments” allows lettings agents to focus on the front of house activities while PayProp delivers efficiencies and growth from the back office.

With offices in UK, Europe and Africa, PayProp is the trusted provider managing over 200,000 properties and processing over 25 million transactions. Managing in excess of £900 million per annum.

PayProp collects payments from tenants in a secure format, reconciles these payments and then splits the outbound payments to the relevant parties (lettings agent, landlord and contractors etc.) in real time, with a 100% accuracy guaranteed.

PayProp agents, see their portfolio grow 23% year on year and have greater insight of their entire portfolio than ever before.

My role is to understand your present day to day operations and improve present systems with a modern and ground breaking software. We can understand the reluctance of software improvement as the pressure and uncertainty of todays market place is difficult after the Brexit vote. However, moving forward we can offer that competitive advantage.
Thousands of leading property managers around the world are growing their rental portfolios with PayProp. This leading technology is now available in the UK. Find out how your business can deliver payments that are trusted, automated, easy to use, and affordable.

• Payment Automation
• Accounts & ARLA/Property Mark Compliant
• Real Time Reporting
• On The Fly Reconciliation
• Simple & Affordable

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