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Cogitor Limited


Our global clients use our platform to deliver their workplace strategy and manage the workplace occupancy process.

Our service and platform solutions streamline and automates time and resource hungry activities by reducing dependencies on ‘off platform' work, including data cleansing and working with spreadsheets. Giving a cohesive view of the current state and identifying future state for the business.

Faster delivery

The outcome of adopting our services & software

• 3x quicker onboarding of clients

• Rapid data cleansing of client data

• Pro-active client management information


Larger renewal

Drives efficiency and increased visibility

• Standardised workplace processes

• Templates for each stage of the process

• Management tools for programmes of work

Reduction in cost

Cogitor ensures for each client the platform

• Can be scaled quickly and cost effectively

• There is a tangible minimum ROI of 3:1

• Features customised to suit requirements

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Simon Russell