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Amathus Financial Services Limited is an FCA authorised mortgage and insurance broker. We pride ourselves on developing innovative #PropTech with our partners that enables our clients to drive efficiency, maximise profit and address the ever-increasing demands they face from a regulatory perspective, whilst keeping the consumer fully updated on the transaction process, so they have peace of mind. The latest addition to our property technology offering is a new system called QuotemePlus and we have already deployed with house builders (for off-plan sales), surveyors, insurance/risk underwriters and multi-discipline law firms for conveyancing transitions, family law disputes which include a property transaction, probate practioners and estate agents. Our #PropTech solution is a consumer-focused platform that provides all the necessary updates during any land or property transaction. This greatly reduces the time spent by the professionals updating the consumer and other stakeholders. The consumer can find all the information in one place by either using a bespoke login/password or by accepting SMS/email updates (for free). From viewing or selling a property, to the offer and acceptance stage, to the mortgage DIP and actual, to the searches and legals’ and finally completion. All the relevant information is available when the consumer requires an update, significantly reducing the time spent on each transition by all parties, driving transactions efficiently through to the desired conclusion. #WeAreAmathus
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